Saturday, July 7, 2007

so after everything that happend last night, i finally got my wish. even though it wasnt ALL night. we talked for a good while. longer and less awkward than all our conversations. although the end didnt turn out the way i wanted to, it was still perfect. for some reason he just stopped talking at the end. so i gave up and went to bed. but i was happy still. at first we were fighting, and i was seriously mad at him. he kept pushing me to tell him who the guy was. it got me frustrated and made me feel dumb because there is no other guy. its him. he got so mad he cussed at me and signed off. i was so mad. i found out he was still on and i yelled at him. then he knew i was really mad, and he made me happy again. i really dont know about him anymore. each minute i spend with him i feel different things. in the end, it all sums up to confusion. one minute im happy, the next i keep laughing, then i get angry, then i become frustrated. i'm waiting for mom to come back w/ food and money so i could go to vivians house. i hope tonight i forget about everything and i can just have a fun night. i'm really looking forward to tomorrow though. its crystals bday party and we're going to knotts :] anyway i better go get ready.

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